News for the New Year: therapy prices and locations as of January 2024

The year is coming to an end soon, and I am proud to announce that I have now conducted the 100 hours (100 x 45 min) of client practice required in my training to become a therapist offering solution-focused brief therapy! My graduation is also approaching as the training programme will end in 6 months….

Client practice spots available for solution-focused brief therapy!

* WAITING LIST AS OF 22ND SEPTEMBER! * I have a couple of client practice spots available for solution-focused brief therapy! I am looking for all kinds of clients: adults, youth, children, and people living in diverse love and other relationships as well as communities. Book now here or send me an email

Coming up: LGBTIQA+ Group Therapy

Coming up in October–December 2023: Affordable group therapy (in-person / virtual / hybrid) I am proud announce that I will be offering group therapy for the LGBTIQA+ community later this year! The group is for people contemplating their sexual orientation and/or gender identity as so-called ’late-bloomers’ (people living in cis and/or heterosexual settings or having…