• Inclusive solution-focused brief therapy
  • DEI coaching
  • Reiki energy healing

I offer safe and inclusive brief therapy as a trainee in Söderkulla, Finland, and virtually all around the world. NB: all virtual therapy spots are currently full.

With me, you are safe and valued just as you are.

My services include Reiki energy healing and DEI coaching for companies and organizations interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I hold a PhD and am a researcher specialising in the history of marginalised groups. I am currently studying to become a therapist offering solution-focused brief therapy at Helsingin Psykoterapiainstituutti, Finland.

In my work, I am committed to providing inclusive, safe, and efficient services to diverse groups of people, from minority clients to mainstream customers.

In practice, this takes the following forms:

  • Accessibility: I provide my services in-person and virtually and in spaces suitable for people with disabilities and other special needs. My video conferencing software is easy to use. Using an accessible website design, I offer an advanced booking system with easy payment options. I have a sliding scale for pricing to benefit clients with limited finances. I offer my services in Finnish, English, and French. Read more about accessibility here.

  • Responsible practices: I use inclusive language and have curiosity and respect for clients’ self-identification. Body peace and safer space guidelines are in place in all sessions. I educate myself about phenomena new to me, so that the client can focus on the service provided. I am critical toward psychiatry. I have a liability and a legal insurance. Read more about my responsible therapy practices here and about accessibility here.

  • Client-first approach: I systematically collect feedback in order to provide a unique and efficient client experience for everyone. I consider the client the best expert in their life. My role is to help the client reach the goals they have set in ways that suit them best.

  • Emphasis on information security: All discussion are 100 % confidential. I do not mention the client’s name in my therapy notes and I do not use an electronic patient record. In-person and virtual sessions are held in a soundproof office. I use secure video conferencing software. Read more about my responsible therapy practices here and about my privacy policy here (currently only in Finnish).

  • Growth mindset: I acknowledge that commitment to inclusive and safe practices is a life-long journey that requires continual critical self-reflection and adjustments.


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Brief Therapy

Solution-focused brief therapy is a well-researched, efficient form of low-threshold discussion support for mental well-being. Brief therapy offers support in challenging life situations and changes in relationships at home or at work, for example.

DEI Coaching

More and more organisations and companies are adopting DEI work, i.e. promoting diversity, equity and inclusion as part of their everyday operations. Taking diversity into account helps employers influence employee satisfaction and reach an even broader customer base, allowing the organisation to perform better.


Reiki is Japanese for universal life energy and the practice promotes relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being.

As a student, I currently offer a discount on therapy services.

Customer experiences