News for the New Year: therapy prices and locations as of January 2024

The year is coming to an end soon, and I am proud to announce that I have now conducted the 100 hours (100 x 45 min) of client practice required in my training to become a therapist offering solution-focused brief therapy! My graduation is also approaching as the training programme will end in 6 months.

The new year brings along a new price list for therapy. As of 1st January 2024 I will be charging between 1,08 € and 1,20 € per minute instead of the current 1 € / minute. The rate is dependent on the type of booking: I am introducing packages at a reduced rate alongside individual sessions. You can find the new prices below.

Starting from January, I will be letting go of the therapy space in Maunula, Helsinki, and will focus on providing my services at the charming Söderkulla manor in Sipoo and virtually.

 Solution-focused brief therapy trainee rates as of 1st January 2024. All prices include VAT at 24 %.

Tutustumiskäynti 30 min / First visit 30 min36 €1,2 €   
45 min54 €1,2 €   
60 min72 €1,2 €   
90 min108 €1,2 €   
PAKETIT (voimassa 4 kk ensimmäisestä käynnistä) / PACKAGES (valid 4 months from first session)  à-hinta / price per sessionnorm. à-hinta / normal price per sessionnorm. yht. / normal total price
60 minuutin paketit / 60-minute packages     
3 x 60 min198 €1,1 €66 €72 €216 €
5 x 60 min324 €1,08 €64,8 €72 €360 €
90 minuutin paketit / 90-minute packages     
 3 x 90 min297 €1,1 €99 €108 €324 €
5 x 90 min486 €1,08 €97,2 €108 €540 €

Lisätiedot seuraavalla sivulla.

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  • Etä- ja livetapaamiset ovat samanhintaisia.
    Virtual and live sessions are charged equally.

  • Yksilö- ja pari-/perheterapiatapaamisissa noudatetaan samaa minuuttiveloitusperiaatetta.
    Individual and couples or family therapy sessions follow the same pay-per-minute principle.

  • Paketit ovat voimassa 4 kk ensimmäisestä käynnistä. Maksutapa sovitaan erikseen.
    Packages are valid 4 months from the first session. Payment method negotiated individually.

  • Ryhmälyhytterapia eli 3–8 (useimmiten toisilleen ennalta tuntemattoman) henkilön ryhmätyöskentely hinnoitellaan erikseen. Nyrkkisääntönä on, että ryhmäterapian kustannus on noin 1/3 yksilökäyntien hinnasta.
    Group therapy, i.e., therapy for 3–8 individuals (usually unknown to each other), is priced separately. In general, group therapy costs 1/3 of the price of sessions for individuals.

  • Vähävaraisille ja marginalisoituihin ryhmiin kuuluville on tarjolla 1–2 alennuspaikkaa – ota yhteyttä ja kysy lisää.
    I have 1 to 2 sliding scale spots available for people with limited finances and for members of marginalized groups. Email me to find out more.
  • Varausehdot:
    • Varauksen voi perua tai siirtää kuluitta 24 tuntia ennen varausta
    • Alle 24 tuntia ennen varausta perutusta ajasta peritään palvelun hinta kokonaisuudessaan
    • Peruuttamatta jätetyistä varauksista (“no-show”) peritään palvelun hinta kokonaisuudessaan
    • Force majeure -tyyppisissä tilanteissa peruutusmaksulla voi mahdollisesti kattaa tulevan varauksen hinnan
    • Teen parhaani helpottaakseni varauksesi muistamista. Saat kaksi sähköpostimuistutusta: ensimmäisen 24 tuntia ja toisen 1 tunti ennen varauksesi alkua.

Booking policy:

  • You may cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours in advance free of charge 
  • Any cancellation and reschedule made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a cancellation fee (100 % of the price of the service)
  • No-shows will result in a cancellation fee (100 % of the price of the service)
  • In the event of a force majeure / unavoidable emergency, your cancellation fee may be applied to future services
  • I want to do my best to help you to remember your appointment. I have scheduled two email reminders for you: the first one 24 hours and the second 1 hour a head of your appointment.