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Reiki is Japanese for universal life energy and the practice promotes relaxation, pain relief, and overall well-being. I offer inclusive, safe reiki treatment in-person at Söderkulla manor, Sipoo, and remotely. I also treat animals in Söderkulla.

Prices (incl. VAT at 24 %):
In-person reiki: 60 min, 50 €
Remote reiki: 30 min, 25 €
Reiki for animals, 2-30 min, starting from 25 €
Packages: in-person reiki 3×60 min 150 € (normally 150 €), remote reiki 3×30 min 70 € (normally 75 €)

Awareness of different forms of energy healing dates back to early on in human history. Reiki was first developed in the 1920s in Japan by Mikao Usui (1865–1926) and spread to Western countries in the 1970s by Usui’s followers, in particular Hawayo Takata (1900–1980). Reiki began to establish roots in Finland in the mid 1980s, initially thanks to Swedish-born Wanja Twan. According to Usui Reiki Ryoho ry, today there are tens of thousands of people using reiki in Finland.

Reiki is a form of treatment and a path of spiritual development that is centred around the idea of humans as energy-based beings. Reiki treatments are believed to balance the flow of energy. It often has beneficial effects on relaxation, pain relief, and promoting healing and overall well-being.

Researchers have drawn links between the principles of how reiki works and quantum physics. The amount of research carried out into reiki is growing constantly, including that at the Centre for Reiki Research. In Finland, reiki has been written about by physicist Johanna Blomqvist PhD, whose writings and book Kvanttifysiikasta energiahoitoihin (‘From quantum physics to energy healing’)(Viisas elämä, 2019) I would highly recommend reading.

In reiki treatments, a trained practitioner transfers universal energy through their hands into the client, either by touch or by holding their hands a few centimetres above the individual, or remotely. There are considered to be 12 hand placement locations at points around the body, aligning with traditional Indian chakra energy centres. In in-person reiki, clients remain dressed and may lie on a massage bed or sit in a chair. The treatment itself lasts 30–60 minutes, in addition to which I also advise setting aside half an hour for an initial discussion and giving yourself time after the treatment.

Reiki treatment works often as well remotely as in-person. In a remote healing session you get to receive reiki at your convenience, for example at the comfort of your home. At the time of the appointment, make yourself comfortable and relax. You will receive a short report about the treatment via email later the same day. For your first booking, please send a photo of yourself with your face and eyes showing clearly to  Also mention possible body parts, problems or areas of life for which you would particularly want to receive healing.

Making sure you stay well hydrated after the treatment is recommended. Reiki treatment can bring a range of emotions to the surface or produce physical sensations known as healing reactions. Initially, it is worthwhile having three reiki treatments within a week in order to balance any reactions. However, even just one session of reiki is better than none. You may book first only one sessions and we can book the two remaining sessions later. Special price: in-person reiki 3×60 min 150 € (normally 150 €), remote reiki 3×30 min 70 € (normally 75 €).

I began on my own personal reiki journey after experiencing burnout. Before this, I had been practising transcendental meditation for 10 years, and in spring 2021 I decided to join the Reiki 1 remote course organised by Reiki Master Pia Wikström. This course put me on a journey of transformation: my intuition improved remarkably, from a spiritual perspective my thinking was activated in a way I had never experienced before, and I underwent the most unexpected of revelations. Nowadays, I use reiki to treat minor aches and pains, to relax, and to improve my connection to myself. Reiki has also helped strengthen my calling to engage in work that helps others. I repeated the Reiki 1 course with Pia in person in late 2022 and took Pia’s Reiki 2 course remotely in October 2023.

Inclusive and safe Reiki

Reiki is suitable for all kinds of people and bodies, regardless of worldview.

  • It, along with other forms of energy healing, are practiced throughout the world. Reiki is not linked to any religion or belief system, or to any political system.
  • No risk of manipulation: I abstain from sharing my interpretations of my experiences during treatment, unless requested by client. Read more about how the chakras are believed to function (and dysfunction) here.
  • The massage bed has a maximum weight limit of 250 kg. Please note that the bed is not electric, you must be able to climb onto it. You can always also sit in a chair.
  • Reiki is a body-safe treatment – the client remains fully clothed and if they wish, they may place a cover over them, with physical touch not a necessity.
  • I take into account sensory sensitivities and during the treatment will only play music if the client wishes me to do so. I can also avoid the use of fragrances if necessary.
  • I am committed to understanding and respecting different identities and I use inclusive language.
  • I offer reiki treatments in Finnish, English and French.

Please note that for severe mental health problems, such as psychotic illnesses, consulting a doctor first is recommended. Individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will not be permitted to undergo reiki treatments.

Introductory film about Reiki created by the Reiki Council in the UK.

Spaces and Accessibility

I offer in-person reiki at Söderkulla manor, Sipoo, and treatment for animals in Söderkulla.